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Welcome to our public exhibition.

The purpose of this page is to share the draft proposals for a residential development at Berkeley Farm. It is an opportunity for you to provide us with your feedback on the proposals before an outline planning application is submitted to Swindon Borough Council.

Who we are

Ainscough Strategic Land (ASL) is the company promoting Berkeley Farm for residential development. ASL was established in 2007 by successful entrepreneur Martin Ainscough and has since developed into one of the UK’s leading and most respected land and planning businesses.

ASL specialises in securing planning permission on sites throughout the UK for a range of uses including housing, employment, retail, care and leisure. ASL believes it is of utmost importance to engage and consult with all local stakeholders to ensure that the proposed scheme delivers long term benefits for the local area, matches the needs and wants of local residents, and provides a sustainable future for the next generation.

ASL has appointed a team of specialist consultants to assist in the preparation of the proposals for Berkeley Farm:

  • Turley – Planning and Design
  • AECOM – Transport, Access and Drainage
  • EDP – Landscape and Environment
  • VOX – Public Relations and Community Consultation

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The Site

  • The 5.9 hectare site is located to the east of Swindon Road
  • The land is currently farmed by Nick Gosling, the third generation of the family to farm there
  • The proposed development will release capital to reinvest into the business to secure the future of the farm for the next generation, enable growth and potentially create new jobs
  • The Swindon Borough Local Plan 2026 is currently being prepared by Swindon Borough Council. It proposes that a total of 22,000 new homes are built between 2011 and 2026, with 'at least' 150 of these to be in Wroughton

We believe that Berkeley Farm is a suitable and appropriate location for new homes in Wroughton. It is in a sustainable location with good access to schools, leisure and shopping facilities and is on a public transport route which will help to reduce the need to travel by private car. It will also provide substantial benefits for the local area including the provision of affordable housing.

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Environmental Considerations

Flood risk and drainage

  • A thorough Flood Risk Assessment has been carried out and concluded that there are no significant risks of flooding on the site
  • The use of sustainable urban drainage features (SUDs) and water sensitive urban design methods have been incorporated into the proposals to manage the flow and volume of surface water
  • Incorporating this style of water management ensures there is a minimal risk of flooding to the surrounding area

Ecology, landscape and heritage

  • Full ecological and landscape assessments have been undertaken, which has informed the proposals and includes provision of a habitat buffer on the eastern edge of the site
  • Retention and enhancement of hedgerows and trees and additional planting will ensure a net biodiversity gain. Habitat loss is to be confined to the pastoral fields of limited ecological value
  • The proposals will not result in any adverse impacts to valuable habitat features or protected/notable species.
  • The development seeks to retain and strengthen the Wroughton Vale Landscape Character Type and will not substantially alter the existing characteristics of the landscape
  • A review of information held within the Wiltshire Historic Environment Record has confirmed that there are no previously recorded undesignated finds or features within the site.

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Transport and Access

  • Traffic flow analysis and speed monitoring have been undertaken for the local road network
  • A new vehicular access point is proposed off Swindon Road by way of a give way T-junction located to the north of Berkeley Road
  • At peak times, the proposed development will generate around one additional vehicle trip per minute
  • Increases in traffic flows will be low, at 4% in the morning and 5% in the evening peak periods
  • The site is well located for public transport
  • There is the potential to provide a new pedestrian crossing on Swindon Road, linking with existing footpaths and key routes to local facilities. This will facilitate safer travel to school and playgrounds for children. Your views on the preferred form and location of the crossing are welcomed, as road safety is paramount
  • On-site parking provision will be provided in line with Swindon Borough Council’s adopted parking standards, which ensure that new residential developments accommodate parking demand without overspill onto surrounding streets
  • There will be pedestrian and cycle access to the south of the site, which could also be utilised by emergency vehicles

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The Masterplan

  • ASL is proposing a high quality development of up to 100 family homes, with a soft landscaped eastern edge to blend the development into its existing setting
  • Homes will range from two bedroom starter homes up to larger four bedroom homes. Properties will be a maximum of 2.5 storeys in height
  • Landmark buildings will create a legible and interesting streetscape, interspersed with areas of hard and soft landscaping and key spaces
  • The layout is designed to incorporate, where possible, existing trees and hedgerows and retain key view corridors. The new homes will benefit from views towards Burderop Wood and Brimble Hill
  • 30% of the homes will be affordable housing
  • Land has been set aside for public open spaces and ecological initiatives, with play areas for children and ‘kick about’ space. All open spaces are overlooked to provide natural surveillance
  • There will be a range of densities across the site, with lower density housing proposed in the eastern part of the site, overlooking the biodiverse green edge

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Key benefits/Next steps

Key benefits

Benefits resulting from such a development would include:

  • The potential to create new jobs with the growth of the diary farm
  • Proposed crossing point on Swindon Road would have a positive impact on the speed of vehicles
  • Improvements to the natural on-site ecological features through the enhancement of habitats and sustainable urban drainage solutions
  • The delivery of a high quality development
  • The delivery of some on-site affordable housing
  • Contributions to local services through developer contributions, i.e. education, community safety, culture and leisure facilities

Next Steps

All comments will be carefully considered and details will be included in a Statement of Community involvement that will be submitted to Swindon Borough Council as part of our planning application.

Should you have any further questions, please contact us on berkeley@voxonline.co.uk or call 01793 608844.

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