If you are a landowner or control land interests, why would you choose to work with Ainscough Strategic Land? In short, because we live and breathe land promotion and the sale of development land.

  • Track Record

    ASL has an enviable track record in delivering saleable planning consents in tight timeframes and disposing of valuable land assets at the highest possible price. ASL has the experience and expertise to unlock, maximise and deliver the development potential of land and is very proud to hold a 100% track record on all planning applications or appeals pursued to date.

  • Company

    ASL is a relatively small, family run business which guarantees to provide a personal, passionate and dedicated service. We have a highly motivated bespoke team, who are all prepared to go the extra mile to ensure success. Our selective portfolio is relatively small and thus each project is of huge importance and receives our full focus, attention and commitment.

  • Relationships

    We pride ourselves on the strong working relationships that we build with all of our land owners and our clear and thorough communication which ensures these relationships are maintained throughout the partnership, from acquisition through to disposal.

  • Resource

    We have an unrivalled combination of financial and professional resources which we bring to bear on each and every project; we assemble ‘best in class’ professional and consultancy teams, bespoke to each project, so as to maximise the planning prospects of every site.

    Being privately funded by the Ainscough Family, we are fortunate to have substantial funds available to invest in unlocking even the trickiest of projects.

  • Model

    ASL is a land promotion company, not a house building firm. It is important to emphasise the different approach we take; the value this adds, and benefits it brings.

    It is our fundamental objective to maximise the value of the land and in doing so, maximise both the landowner’s and our own profits. We maximise this value through clever and sometimes tough negotiations with Local Planning Authorities, and through exposing the land to the market once planning permission is obtained. From past experience we have found that this competitive bidding process can enhance the value paid for land by over 20%. Our approach contrasts starkly with that of a housebuilder, who would traditionally proceed by way of an option arrangement, with land values being fixed either by agreement or RICS valuation; neither of which delivers the value of an open, competitive marketing process which would be undertaken as part of our promotion agreement model.

  • Research

    We are constantly monitoring house builder activity and know at any one time which company is more active in the market place. Offers are invited on a competitive, open market basis, utilising agency inputs where necessary to ensure the highest possible price is achieved.

Thoughtfully Achieving Potential